Design Engineer Les Vaughn recently celebrated his 20th anniversary with STC Electronics. In 1988, Les joined STC Electronics and worked primarily in designing and building the test fixtures that were used to verify proper performance before units were sent to customers.

Prior to joining the company, Les had completed a degree in electronics and had worked as a radio broadcast engineer, as well an on-air personality. This experience and training proved beneficial as he took on a greater and greater role in the design of circuit layouts for customers.

Les’ current job responsibilities include working with customers to define requirements—as well as building and testing prototypes to meet these requirements. He also designs transformer power supplies and even avails himself when needed for difficult production equipment repairs.

When asked where he gains the most satisfaction from his job, Les doesn’t hesitate.

“When I talk to a customer and they have just a basic idea of a requirement, and I can build a part that they need and can use. That’s when I get the most satisfaction.”

Congratulations Les!