It’s not just ISO certifications and customer-satisfaction metrics that tell the story of STC. Looking beyond those measurements, it’s the employees of STC that enable us to continue fulfilling customer expectations. This month, we are presenting a profile of one such employee, STC’s Courtney Webb.

Courtney first started working at STC in 2004, only to move to North Carolina nine months later. After two years in North Carolina, and the birth of her daughter, Courtney moved back to Illinois and returned to STC in the summer of 2006.

For her first four years at STC, Courtney worked primarily in the Transformer Production department, making literally hundreds of thousands of individual transformers. However, when asked how many different transformer models, Courtney stops talking about numbers and instead talks about customers and the products in which various models were used.

In 2009, Courtney started splitting time between transformer production and the electronics department, assembling through-hole components for STC’s printed-circuit-board products. In addition to circuit board assembly, Courtney also produces the cables and connectors used for PCB products. She now spends 90 percent of her time in electronics, where she’s continued to show her trademark attention to detail.

“We have very good work instructions, but there are other things to watch for when you’re working on electronics,” Courtney says. “A clean work environment is really important. It only takes a small bit of fuzz to interfere with a connection so we have to make sure everything’s clean.”

Outside of work, Courtney enjoys watching family ball games, shopping, and spending time at the lake (during the summer at least). What’s her favorite thing about working at STC?

“It’s a relaxed atmosphere. We’re careful to get things right, but things are still pretty relaxed.”