The US Small Business Administration has approved STC, Inc as a certified HUBZone small business concern. As such, STC is now eligible for HUBZone benefits, which provide enhanced federal contracting opportunities for qualified small businesses located within HUBZones (historically underutilized business zones).

The approval of STC follows recent changes to the HUBZone program, which has seen some expansion into rural areas that were not previously served by the program.

According to STC President Brad Cross, the HUBZone certification offers real benefits for STC, which provides electronics manufacturing services for a wide variety of applications, including aerospace, defense, and environmental industries.

Made in the USA by STC Sun Transformer

“The HUBZone program allows for more direct government contracting opportunities, and it also allows us to hire people from within our community. So qualified individuals have an opportunity to work in technology without leaving the area,” says Cross.

“Also, with broadband connectivity, rural areas aren’t subject to the same disadvantages they had to overcome in the past,” Cross continues. “We’ve found that we can participate in integrated technology development where speed and responsiveness are really an advantage for us.”

With the HUBZone certification, Cross also sees increased opportunities to continue building partnerships with industry-leading companies as STC promotes both economic and technological development.

“We’re proud of the many partnerships we’ve created with our customers, and we look forward to forming new partnerships as we pursue the opportunities set aside for HUBZone communities,” Cross said.