At first contact, many potential customers may be unaware that we not only manufacture custom transformers and inductors but that we also provide electronic manufacturing services (EMS) for a wide range of industries and applications.

For many customers, STC provides both transformer manufacturing and printed-circuit assembly. These combined services allow STC customers to save time and money. Here’s how:

  • Reduced Shipping Damage: With our PCB assemblies, weighty and awkward transformers with fragile connection pins are delivered already mounted to circuit-board assemblies, which reduces the potential for damage during shipment.
  • Reduced Shipping & Handling Costs: A single supplier for transformers and PCB assemblies dramatically reduces the number of containers, which results in lower overall shipping costs.
  • Inventory Imbalance: STC customers avoid having too many of a particular part (for example transformers) because the transformers arrive as part of the circuit-board assembly. This alone helps reduce unnecessary inventory.
  • Quality Control: Because we provide both coil manufacturing and PCB assembly, STC customers are able to simplify their own manufacturing process. STC is also ISO:9001 certified with 100-percent testing available.

We at STC work hard to deliver quality products while meeting delivery deadlines. How can we help your business? Please feel free to let us know.