STC, Inc. recently added two new components to it’s array of production equipment, increasing product versatility and decreasing production time for PC-mount transformers and mid-size toroids.

The new laminator, an HBR Industries product, is used to manufacture one of STC, Incorporated’s benchmark products.

“The products we make most often with the new laminator are the low-profile transformers that are mounted on printed-circuit assemblies,” says Vice President of Operations Angie Calkin.

These parts are most commonly used in electronics applications where vertical space is very limited but a relatively sizable output voltage is still required. Refer to the LPC Transformer page on the Sun Transformer site for more information about these types of transformers.

“The biggest advantages that come from having this laminator are the versitility it offers and the quick turnaround time in production,” says Calkin. “Our low scrap level from using this laminator has also been very impressive.”

The other new piece of equipment, a mid-size Gorman Productor II toroid winder, also benefits electronics applications with limited space.

As with the new laminator, the new winder allows STC to build a wide variety of toroids. It also enables building products that are not feasible to be built by hand.

“Some toroids require several hundred turns of wire, which is very challenging to do by hand,” says Design Engineer Les Vaughn. “Others require very small-diameter wire, and this winder can handle those types of jobs.”

“These kinds of toroids are used for a lot of circuit board assemblies, especially the very small boards that require miniaturized components, so the benefits of having this new winder are many.”