In recent years, there has been a renewed focus on American-made products as well as products with higher amounts of American-made parts. This trend is part of a greater initiative to increase U.S. manufacturing, which is often referred to as re-shoring.

As this focus on US products continues to increase, STC has received an array of order types, from orders for 200,000-plus low-profile printed-circuit components to orders for just a few large 10-KVA three-phase power-supply components.

The ability to quickly transition between these diverse types of orders—while still producing quality components—has been an important strength for STC.

There are a number of attributes that enable STC to deliver on our promise of timeliness and quality. A few of these attributes include:

Production Staff: First and foremost, a capable and well-trained production staff is absolutely essential. Additionally, the ISO procedures used by STC provide the framework so our staff is able to build products that meet our strict quality requirements.

Equipment: The equipment used to manufacture smaller printed-circuit components is quite different than the equipment used for large three-phase transformers. STC has the necessary machinery to build components large, small, and everything in between.

Test Procedures: As with production, rigorous testing requires proficient staff and reliable test equipment. However, it also requires close attention to how tests are carried out. STC follows ISO test procedures for all shipped products.